Welcome to website "POD SKALCO"

In the heart of Bohinj close to Bohinj Lake is located event place "POD SKALCO". The event place is located on the sandy surface of approx. 700 m2, partly in shadow and partly sunny.

With us, you will love unspoiled nature, proximity to lake and high natural climbing wall. In addition there is a little guest house "Pod skalco" with a terrace for 80 guests.

Picnic Area

Picnic area Pod Skalco is designed for comfortable socializing with food and drink. We offer grilled meat, stews, suckling pig, young goat, vegetable dishes, in short, we adapt to the wishes of the guest.

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Guest House

Guest House Pod Skalco is located in the event area next to the lake, slightly higher than the picnic area. On the terrace there is room for approx. 80 to 100 guests.

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For private groups, organizations and business partners who opt for a picnic or event Pod Skalco in Bohinj, we offer a variety of different activities.

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